Outcomes And Deliverables

I.B. To develop the following:

  • Recommended structure an undergraduate (UG) TRIZ course
  • Recommended structure of a postgraduate (PG) TRIZ course
  • Recommendation on the TRIZ tools to be taught to students
  • Recommendation on the mode of teaching (how much face-to-face and how much practice)
  • Recommendation on the materials to use for the course
  • Recommendations and guidelines on common evaluation strategies of both the course quality and student academic performance
  • Strategies for future updates and improvements to this curriculum

Well, there is my very short formulation of goal, outcomes and competences expected after "TRIZ" course on Brno University of Technology (Under Graduate course):

- goal: to master fundaments of Project Management and base instruments of TRIZ methodology
- outcomes: test I (PM), test II (Analyse), test III (Syntese), small project (application of PM and/or TRIZ elements on chosen case), written and oral exam.
- ability to see big and small pictures of changes (aims - programs - projects - tasks), "PM";
- ability to analyse problem situation and formulate different innovative tasks, "What and Why";
- ability to formulate and solve inventive tasks (TC, PC, "VePol", Function), "How";
- ability to applicate on real chosen case, "For Example".

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