from where?

OK, are we going to start from any existing curriculum (for example curriculum sended by V. Fey to Iouri ) or we will build some "original".

I.B. Victor emailed the TRIZ body of knowledge document. We need to develop a program of study for UG and PG. I teach a TRIZ course at RMIT since 2006 (;ID=039191heparta;STATUS=A?QRY=triz&STYPE=ENTIRE) and know that it is impossible to teach ALL TRIZ tools in one semester. Therefore, as the notion of the Ideal Ultimate Result suggests, we need to start our work planning the goals, outcomes, etc.

++Bohuslav++: I agree. We will start from goals and outcomes formulations. I will send my opinion about goals and outcomes soon (but next week I am on mountains).

gc please consider also the recommendations given by Altshuller himself for TRIZ students: you can reach them from the ETRIA website

bb=Bohuslav: OK, friends, I agree with you (I.B., gc), really software is not important for universitytriz concept.

Paul-Armand: I would also propose to build 'back' from the goals (or final competences) and identify the needed/prerequisite competences for each goal-competence, e.g. to understand the goal-competence "contradiction matrix" one needs to understand the prerequisite competence "dialectics". This will not impose a structure on the complete curriculum, but can certainly identify the constraints and give us a starting point for discussing. We could implement this structure in an Excel sheet (As a sidenote: I personally recommend using Openoffice). Do we already have a starting point for the goals?

Paul-Armand: I found it difficult to wait, so I dug up a few competences and made the idea of the competence matrix concrete (see file competence_matrix_09_05_13_PAVE.xls attached to this page). I have not filled in the relations between the competences, but feel free to suggest additional competences, or the deletion of others. I welcome feedback ;)

Bohuslav: Hello, boys! As added file is something about "aim - outputs and content" from my poit of view.
The course is offered as for UG students as to PG students now.
For engineers on practice is the course modified from case to case.

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